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2015 UK General Election:

I attended the UK election count in Shetland as an official accredited observer and challenged the validity of the election process in Shetland.

As you can see from the Shetland News report, they decided to to ignore my letter and continue with the count. A reply was promised on Monday 10 May.

After some reflection I decided to pre-empt the response with this Notice by email early on the Monday morning, following it with hard copy by mail:

The Notice of No Jurisdiction enclosed with it is here.

Meanwhile, on the Tuesday (12 May) I received the following by email. Bearing in mind that my second letter, containing a formal challenge to the authority of Scotland and the UK in Shetland, reached him on Monday, this letter is remarkable for the way Mr. Riise studiously concentrates on my role as an observer and the ways in which I am alleged to have abused that position, while completely ignoring my challenge to the fundamental legitimacy of the election. The time for his response ran out on 18 May. The terms of my Notice make it clear that if no response is forthcoming, the opportunity to deny the contents of the Notice at a later date is lost.

Mr. Riise is the chief legal officer for Shetland Islands Council. If anyone is aware of the basis (or not) for the power exerted by Scotland and the UK in Shetland, it would be him. If any such basis exists, it will be easy for him to produce it - that is why the seven days given in my Notice is more than adequate. The truth is that I have asked him for this information previously (see the Public Notice on the Home page), with no response. The silence is deafening.

Employees of the Shetland Islands Council should be seriously concerned regarding their personal liability in carrying out their duties. It is likely that any insurance they might think they have would be void when they have been advised that the SIC, as an organ of the Scottish government, carries no real authority. The very least they should do is to seek assurance from their legal advisor - Mr. Riise. Bland assurances based on presumption and hearsay are not enough. I believe the people of Shetland deserve better.

B.T.W. I use the royal 'We' in official correspondence, not to exhibit any desire to lord it over anyone, but simply to express the fact that all land-owners in Shetland are sovereign in their own right. I respect everyone else on an equal basis. See Stolen Isles, now in its third edition with none of its arguments rebutted.

Here is Mr. Riise's response:

Here is the Notice of Fault resulting from a failure to rebut the Notice of Void Election:

Followed by the Notice of Default arising from failure to respond to the Notice of Fault:

Having established that there is no denial of the void election, I reply to the 12 May letter:

Just in case poor Alistair felt left out, I sent him this:

And there's more to come......