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Shetland is special, and so are Shetlanders – not just special, but unique.

Everyone in Shetland who owns their land or house is sovereign in their own right. This, as defined by The Laws of Scotland, is because all land in Shetland is allodial (udal); and because allodial ownership equates with sovereignty. Allodial ownership simply means without any lord or superior, ownership under God. It is this that makes us all sovereign in our own right. The UK and Scottish governments do not want us to know it, and neither do the authorities here.

The Sovereign Nation of Shetland exists to bring together those Shetlanders who want to see real change and take responsibility for our islands. We define 'Shetlander' in broad terms to mean anyone who was either born here, or has made the decision to live here.

The truth is that the people of Shetland have the real power. We do not have to put up with being used for anyone else's convenience. For centuries Shetland has been a convenient cash cow for Scotland and the UK. It's time it stopped.

The Viking Energy subsidy farm is a case in point. It has so obviously been a done deal from the start – most recently illustrated by the fact that the contract for the interconnector was awarded the very next day after Ofgem announce their (provisional) approval for it. The project has been continually pushed forward before all the necessary consents are in place – as if they knew they were taking no risk. We have been let down by planners both inside and outside Shetland and are having a project imposed upon us for the benefit of outside companies and inside vested interests.

The one consent they have not got is from the people of Shetland. It is now time for us to stand up and protect our islands because it is evident that those who should be doing it on our behalf are not stepping up. It is clear that anything we say will be ignored. Shetlanders have been duped into thinking this was a partnership, but Shetland has been sold down the river again. Outside companies and vested interests now have complete ownership and control, but this is nothing new – it just continues the pattern of centuries.

We have one ace up our sleeve. In order to bring this abominable project to fruition, the planners and developers have to have the authority to do it. If nobody asks the question, everybody will presume they have that authority. This is the question: “Is Shetland part of Scotland and if so, can you prove it?” If they cannot prove it, they have no authority to give permission for the project, to desecrate our hills with it, or to profit from it. Even at this stage it is not too late.

Make no mistake, this is huge and it involves much more that Viking Energy. It involves setting straight the centuries of abuse Shetland and Shetlanders have endured at the hands of those from South who 'know better'. The heirs and successors of once proud sovereign men, were reduced to little more than serfs at the hands of incoming Scottish dignitaries and the Shetland psyche has never recovered. Tell any udal land owner that he's sovereign in his own right and he (or she) will likely think you're mad – but it's true.

Nothing can possibly be achieved by discussion, complaining, protesting, marching or petitioning. There has to be decisive action. The Sovereign Nation of Shetland has started a legal process that does not involve the courts. The planners and developers have offered a contract to the people of Shetland, a contract which most have silently accepted simply by not formally objecting.

However, The Sovereign Nation of Shetland has made a conditional acceptance of that offer. We accept the offer to build their montrose project on condition that they show how Shetland is part of Scotland, (which not even the Supreme Court has been able to do). If Shetland cannot be proved to be part of Scotland, nothing can be done here without the express consent of the sovereign people of Shetland. Stringent financial penalties follow if the planners and developers are unable to provide the proof; and those penalties are aimed at the individuals holding the various offices. Unless we target the individuals, nothing will happen. We must hit them where it hurts. See the links below for the documentation.

If you truly care about Shetland, get behind this last chance, take back our sovereignty and stop this abomination.

Note: In case it might be thought that the requirements for sovereignty exclude non-landowners, The Sovereign Nation of Shetland has in place the means to make every Shetlander a landowner, so that everyone is on an even (sovereign) footing. All we ask is that you declare your sovereignty with this form.

The documents:
The affidavit. This is what they must be able to refute if they do not agree to the conditions in our contract.
The contract. This is the actual contract we have entered into with all concerned. It is twelve pages long, but the first page shows the individuals targeted.

These are the exhibits:
Exhibit A, Their offer of a 'joint venture' with the Shetland community.
Exhibit B, Extracts from The Laws of Scotland, Stair Memorial Encylopaedia.
Exhibit C, Our fee schedule.
A sample document showing what they are obligated to. If you are too busy to read anything else, look at pages 4&5 of this document.