The Law
I Declare
Stolen Isles
Wir Islands, Wir Future

.........The Sovereign Nation of Shetland



We have crowned an imposter:

The death of Queen Elizabeth II allegedly means that her son Charles is now King. At his coronation he makes a contract with the British people. I thought it would be a good time to make sure he has the capacity to make that contract. This is what I wrote to him on 12 October 2022:

Charles III Affidavit - The affdavit remains undisputed. If he had proof of his capacity, it would be easy to show, but he can show nothing. Read this to understand that the man we crowned has no more right than any man in the street. This is part of a contract between Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor and The Sovereign Nation of Shetland.

Exhibit C - Extract from The Laws of Scotland (to which Cherles defers in his accession speech), explaining that sovereignty and dominium eminens are the same thing, identical concepts.

Exhibit A - dominium eminens is allodial, because not held of a higher lord, except of God.

Exhibit B - Definition of allodial - Free, not held of any lord or superior.

Exhibit D - The Crown never had feudal superiority (sovereignty) in Orkney and Shetland.

Exhibit E - All land in Orkney and Shetland remain allodial. The land owners have sovereignty according to the definition in Scots law.

The 'Royals' like to brush The English Civil war(s) under the carpet. Because Oliver Cromwell took sovereignty (and allodial ownership) in the name of the people, there has been no mechanism since then by which any so-called monarch could have got it back. Everything since then has been done by presumption. We are challenging that presumption and they have no answer.

There was no response to my letter, so The Sovereign Nation of Shetland made a conditional acceptance of his offer to be King Charles III on conditionn that he show how he has the capacity to swear an oath to the people of the United Kingdom without having the fundamental requirement - allodial ownership of the realm.
The Sovereign Nation of Shetland is particularly interested in the question in relation to Shetland, but our research raises questions for the whole of the United Kingdom and further afield.

We now have agreement according to this letter:

There is a liability to pay 3.75 million pounds, for which we have issued a statutory demand.

The statutory demand must either be paid within 18 days, or we can petition for his bankruptcy after 21 days.

The 18 days ran out on 2 May 2023 and the 21 days on 5 May - the day before the coronation.

He ignored it. Takeing the coronation oath as an imposter was high treason.

We notified the Earl Marshal, the man in charge of the cornoation arrangements, with this letter:

We also notified the Archbishop of Canterbury, the man who crowned the imposter.

Watch this space for developments.