Sovereign Shetland electric is an electricity supplier like no other. We are a membership organisation and benefits are only available to members.

Electricity is defined as the flow of electrons. Electons are negatively charged particles, so a normal elecricity 'supplier' is supplying you with a negative product.

In fact, your normal electricity supplier does not supply anything at all - they simply bill you for the change in numbers on your meter.

Sovereign Shetland electric supplies positrons. A positron is a bundle of joy. When a positron collides with an electron, annihilation occurs according to Wikipedia. When our positrons collide with your electricity bill, the bill is annihilated.

All you have to do is change your supplier to Shetland Sovereign electric.

To get a lifetime supply of Sovereign Shetland positrons and annihilate all your electricity bills, join below. Membership is just 20 per month for as much free electricity as you will ever need.

All proceeds go towards releasing the world of joy and abundance that we live in, but whose resources have been captured by a very few. The Sovereign Nation of Shetland is dedicated to showing how that joy and abundance can be released without conflict or violence, but simply by turning our backs.

Thank you for your support.