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As we (hopefully) emerge from the Covid restrictions, is it now time to take stock of our position? The Viking Energy project continues apace, the Space Centre appears to be coming to fruition, The Orion Project and another giant offshore wind farm seem to have popped up out of nowhere and the fishing industry is coming to terms with the broken promises of Brexit. Every one of these carries the same hallmark: Outside interests planning how to make the best use of our resources. All start off dressed up as being for our benefit, but local interest is soon elbowed out of the way as they progress.

I will focus on two of those issues, Viking Energy and fishing:

Viking Energy:

As the enormity of the project dawns, there can now be few people in Shetland who actually want it. As always, Shetland was duped into allowing others to benefit at our expense, others helped in the process by those who should be looking after our interests. It's not too late. All those involved, from the Scottish government down through the planners, developers and contractors have been challenged and none can show how they have the authority to proceed with the project.

Additionally, it has recently emerged that, even without turning, each turbine will release enough microplastics containing Bisphenol-A (BPA) to poison over 10 million litres of water every year. The planned offshore windfarms are even worse in the salt-laden air. Out of sight and out of mind, they are poisoning our seas without any control or monitoring whatsoever. This is a dirty secret the wind industry has done its best to hide and is a hammer blow for them.


It seems that politicians of all colours are either unwilling or unable to help the fishing industry. It was enough for Boris to hand out the glowing promises of Brexit, but at the end of the day we were expendable, as we probably always were. The time for talking is now over. In Shetland we still have the ultimate option and the only thing preventing us using it is our own fear and lethargy.

As many of you will know, I have been challenging the pretend authority of the UK and Scotland in Shetland for a number of years. Many do not approve of my methods, but I have at least forced the so-called authorities into positions where the only option they've had is to resort to naked force because they have no answers. I've been verbally abused in court and physically intimidated. I've been sent to jail on the flimsiest of invalid excuses, but no judge, sheriff or court has been able to show proof of their authority: proof that Shetland is part of Scotland. For my own protection I secretly filmed at the hearings. Here's a taster (with apologies for the quality). I now have enough evidence to show that those involved are operating false courts and fraud on the people of Shetland and they do not deny it. That job is done.

The last case was in Orkney. It should have been open and shut, just 3 hearings, but it lasted over 3 years and 20 hearings because jurisdiction could not be established. During that case I uncovered the most interesting and explosive fact. In Scots law, sovereignty is defined as ownership of the allodial (udal) title. Since all land in Shetland is allodial, by the Scottish definition sovereignty in Shetland belongs not to the Crown, but to the people. By the Scottish definition we are already an independent state and can do whatever we want with our land and our seas and seabed out to 200 miles.

No need to talk about negotiations or asking permission, the boot is on the other foot. Are we going to stand as the sovereigns we are, or is it enough to carry on pleepsing about how hard done by we are? Unless we stand up for our rights, history shows they will be taken from us as they were in the past. The Scottish government will not help us. The UK government will not help us. The Shetland Islands Council will not help us. No quango or organisation will help us. The cavalry is not coming.

We don't need them. The turning point for me was when I looked the sheriff in the eye and realised he was more afraid of me than I was of him. They are more scared of us than we need be of them. They are petrified that we should wake up and realise our power and they will do all they can to keep us in our place.

We have no lack of resources or ability. We do not need to ask permission. The only question we need to ask of anyone who tries to tell us what to do is: What proof do you have of your authority?

I'm acutely aware that, as an Englishman, I have no right to tell the people of Shetland what to do, but as the owner of my own land I am also sovereign here. I do not want to be king of anything or anyone but I am willing to work with other sovereigns to make Shetland a better place for the next generation.

I quote Margaret Meade: Never doubt that a small number of committed people can change the world, in fact it's the only thing that ever has. This is no time to wait for the approval of friends and family before you act. Your forefathers owned their land outright, elected their king, had their own parliament and made their own laws. Those rights were passed down to you with the land. Shetland deserves nothing less. Feel the Viking blood in your veins and stand proud in your own sovereignty.

The Sovereign Nation of Shetland stands as the only legitimate authority in Shetland and represents the rights of the sovereign people of Shetland. Join us by making your own Declaration

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